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Work-trip in Beijing

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

I was sent to Beijing by one of the music schools in Singapore I used to be with, for a work-trip. It was a great experience understanding the kids, their culture as well as their musical flair. The students who enrolled for this training program had to learn both an English(group song) & a mandarin song choice of their own(individual), and record & performed it on the last day of the programme.

It was a very rewarding experience, to see how eager the students are to learn & the parents/grandparents who patiently stayed and watch through the daily progress of their kids. Here to share some of the good memories that I will remember as a music teacher ...

Teaching in Beijing this year, was definitely one of THE highlight for me this year.

I find myself growing as a person and as a teacher when I teach, but this “work trip” has allowed me to broaden my knowledge, stepping out of my comfort zone, as well as advance my level of learning spirit. (It is never so much a “work trip” when your job is something you love doing, hence “work trip”.)

It’s so beautiful to have a memory to look back on, and they are to keep. They say “People come & go”. For me, my students, my clients, my friends, my family, they live in my heart forever. People I create memories with, walk a journey with, and cherishing every moment with, that counts.

So much yet so little about being a spiritual learner, I wish to continue this part of my learning in 2020.





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