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Our Founder, Principal

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Founder and Principal, Niki Teo, is passionate about Music, Music education, and exciting events for her students.

Niki began her musical journey at the tender age of 4 and has picked up various instruments along the way. She has attained her Grade 8 Practical and Theory ABRSM in Piano, Grade 8 LCM in Voice, and Grade 3 Royal College of Music in Violin as a third instrument. Her school’s choir won a Gold award for an international competition at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Niki graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology and received the Music and Arts Scholarship Award for all 3 years.

After obtaining her diploma, Niki was offered a place in Boston's Berklee College of Music.

Niki has been actively teaching since 2014!


Deeply passionate about both Music and Music Education, Niki wants to bring the best Joy and Opportunity that every student deserves when they learn, especially music.

She wants to provide a “happy place” where learning Music can actually be fun!

This is the greatest motivation.


"Music is not only about how good it sounds. It also captures your personality and all that comes from within." -Niki

Our Philosophy

A good music learning experience must empower students of different generations to express themselves musically by stretching beyond the traditional curriculum of classical music into as many modern forms of music as possible. From Classical to Pop and from Contemporary Jazz to Funk/Soul.

All must be available to you, the artiste, or to your children, the artistes of the next generation.

Our Mission 

It is therefore Our Mission to provide the kind of music education that the next generation is looking for. 

We Journey Alongside Every Music Enthusiast With A Personal Touch. 

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